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Styx and Stonez are fraternal twins that look identical. Styx is a cute girlie boy and Stonez is a tough bad-ass girl. They are close as can be and always do things together. They have all the same piercings and the same hairstyle. But that's not all. They aren't human. After a accident in a lab experiment in the year 2014 a lot of children are born mutants. It's not uncommon to see a boy with tentacles in the grocery store buying fish. A lot of people are scared of the mutants and say that they are bringers of the end of the world. So the mutants are put in to special schools like leprosy camps separated from civilized society. But there is something different about the twins.... something... unearthly. ------------------Author's comments------------------ I have decide to make this a collab. I will post rules about creating your character soon, thank you.

July 9th, 2011, 1:34 pm

Seeking Co-authers!!

If your interested please apply! I'm hoping to get started at least by the end of the summer. I want someone who can create their own characters and come up with ideas for the plot. We would be working together on the characters and plot and depending on art skills one of us might do all the drawing. What I'm looking for most is someone really creative who shares similar tastes in manga as me. If I decided you might be what I'm looking for I'll message you and we can talk about it more. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Good luck ^w^ ~Megane-chan

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